RZ Resources is an emerging Australian critical minerals producer.

Who we are

RZ Resources is an Australian-owned mining company focused on mineral sand resources – including critical minerals and rare earths – in the Murray Basin in New South Wales.

RZ Resources has a portfolio of 10 tenements, including the flagship Copi Project, with a further four tenements under application, for an exploration area totalling 3,362 km2. As demand for high quality mineral sands — specifically rutile, zircon and titanium, and rare earth elements — continues to increase, RZ Resources is well positioned to deliver the Copi Project and generate jobs for the local communities of far south-western NSW.

RZ Resources was incorporated in 2012 to identify high value mineral sands projects in tier one locations that support proven operations and existing infrastructure. In 2015, RZ Resources entered into a joint venture which controlled three tenements in the Murray Basin. In 2017, RZ Resources acquired 100% ownership of the joint venture tenements and a further five tenements in the area.

What are critical minerals

Critical minerals are metals and non-metals that are considered vital for the economic well-being of the world’s major and emerging economies. Both the US and Australia have identified 25 minerals that are critical for development and among these important minerals are metals and semi-metals used in the manufacture of mobile phones, flat screen monitors, wind turbines, electric cars, solar panels, and many other high-tech applications.

Mineral sands typically comprise zircon, rutile, leucoxene, ilmenite, monazite and xenotime, which are the feedstocks in the production of Zirconium and Hafnium metal, Titanium metal and the Rare Earth elements vital in a low-carbon world.

This global demand for critical minerals is instrumental for the development and expansion of clean technology applications, like high-powered magnets and batteries, is growing exponentially. Australia is already among the world’s top suppliers of some of the world’s most sought-after critical minerals.

At RZ Resources, we are committed to operating sustainably.