Reserves and Resources

JORC Resources as at September 2023

Copi Project – JORC Resources – as at September 2023


(1) The Copi Project Mineral Resource has been classified and reported in accordance with the guidelines of the JORC Code (2012).

(2) Reported above a total HM cut-off grade of 0.3%.

(3) The total HM is reported as a percentage of the total material. The majority (95%) of data has reported total HM from within the +53 µm to -1 mm size fraction, slimes from the -53 µm fraction and oversize as the +1 mm fraction.

(4) Estimates of the mineral assemblage (zircon, ilmenite, rutile and HiTi85, leucoxene, monazite and xenotime) are from within the total HM component of the deposit, as determined from QEMSCAN, magnetic fractionation and XRF analysis. The rules used for the majority (99%) of the titanium mineral determinations are ilmenite 40–70% TiO2; leucoxene 70–85% TiO2; rutile and HiTi85 >85% TiO2.

(5) All tonnages and grades have been rounded to reflect the relative uncertainty of the estimate, thus sum of columns may not equal.

Next projects – Jaw & Gilligans – as at October 2022

Jaws and Gilligans are RZ Resources next significant projects. Early indications show substantial potential with resources similar to Copi with excellent assemblage.