Company Overview

100% Australian-owned
RZ Resources is a 100% Australian-owned, responsible mining company focused on mining and producing critical minerals and rare earths in the far south western corner of New South Wales.

RZ Resources has a portfolio of 14 tenements, including the flagship Copi Project, for an exploration area totalling 3,362 km2.

As demand for high quality mineral sands — specifically rutile, zircon and titanium, and rare earth elements — continues to increase, RZ Resources is well positioned to deliver the Copi Project and generate jobs for the local communities of far south-western NSW.

RZ Resources was incorporated in 2012 to identify high value mineral sands projects in tier one locations that support proven operations and existing infrastructure. In 2015, RZ Resources entered into a joint venture which controlled three tenements in the Murray Basin. In 2017, RZ Resources acquired 100% ownership of the joint venture tenements and a further five tenements in the area.

In 2020, RZ Resources acquired a mineral separation plant (MSP) at the mouth of the Brisbane River. The strategic value of this asset is the only MSP located on the east coast of Australia – significantly reducing capital cost and time to production.

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"At RZ Resources, we know our greatest asset is our people.  Our solid partnership with shareholders and our community will allow us to deliver on plans to mine some of Australia’s highest quality mineral sands."

David Fraser, Managing Director

We are committed to a ‘Zero Harm’ environment for all employees, sub-contractors, visitors, and members of the public.

As we continue to grow, RZ Resources aims to be the employer of choice in the region and a significant contributor to economic development.

Our People Our Strength
We believe our greatest asset is our people.
RZ Resources is led by mining, exploration and finance professionals, with an exemplary record of success.

We are committed to a ‘Zero Harm’ environment for all employees, sub‐contractors, visitors, and members of the public.

We will provide a range of traineeships and apprenticeships to locals to allow them to build the skills needed for a rewarding career in mining and we are committed to providing and promoting Indigenous employment opportunities.

During full production, we encourage a residential workforce for our projects. When we can’t source staff from the local region for key roles, we will offer strong incentives to relocate staff to the area with their family, allowing them to contribute economically and societally to the wider community.

Mineral Separation Plant

The Mineral Separation Plant (MSP) is located at the mouth of the Brisbane River, on the east coast of Australia.

The MSP is strategically located with nearby bulk storage and export facilities and has a track record of producing premium mineral sands products, previously sold under Iluka / Sibelco ownership.

The facility has on-site storage for heavy mineral concentrate ahead of processing and a robotic bagging facility and large storage area for bagged and bulk products ahead of containerisation or hull shipping. Heavy mineral concentrates will be transported to Brisbane by road and rail from the Copi Project site in western New South Wales.