At RZ Resources, we are committed to operating sustainably.
At RZ Resources, we are committed to operating sustainably.  Our products are the building blocks of the technologies the world needs to improve its environment, and the way we mine them will also contribute to a better outcome for the future.

We will minimise our environmental footprint, reduce our use of non-renewable inputs and increase our use of low carbon energy sources in our operations. We are striving for minerals production, with as low as practicable environmental impact through all stages of the operation.

From our Board members to project teams, our people work every day to minimise environmental impacts, while protecting and conserving biodiversity. We have surrounded our operation with a biodiversity stewardship site, improving the land of not just our immediate footprint, but within our buffer as well.

We are committed to working with local and Indigenous communities to develop our seed nursery and land rehabilitation program. We will restore our footprint as we go with a firm commitment from the outset to progressive rehabilitation.

We seek to restore the properties that we work on to a better condition than we started, replanting, and rehabilitating previous poor grazing land. Sound environmental management of the land will be the key to our success and the success of our neighbouring landholders and communities.

We believe promoting a sustainability focused culture at RZ Resources will improve our organisation’s environmental performance. This ensures our operations are managed to minimise environmental and social impacts, through fostering an innovative culture that drives performance.