Environmental Reports

Environmental Impact Statement

Our Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is a comprehensive document that provides information on the economic, environmental, and social impacts of the Project. It is part of the approvals process to allow the Project to proceed.

The EIS outlines how we will manage the Project throughout its life, from construction to rehabilitation, to help the community and government agencies make informed decisions and submissions. It includes sections on rehabilitation, transport, surface and groundwater, matters of cultural heritage, and local social and economic benefits.

Since 2017, we’ve been talking to the local community to understand potential impacts of the Project and address any issues as we developed the EIS. We are pleased to share the results and hear your feedback.


Australia has among the largest deposits of critical minerals, and the Copi Mine will produce globally significant volumes of titanium, zirconium, and rare earths. These minerals are vital for the renewable energy transition, electronics, telecommunications, manufacturing, defence, and advanced medical devices.

Locally, we are committed to working with and being part of the community as we progress this Project. We want to ensure we deliver social and economic benefits that will see this region continue to thrive including by contributing a 240-strong workforce and boosting local spending by up to $97 million each year during operation.

Nationally, the Project will help to secure the critical minerals supply chain for Australia and our allies. It aligns with Australia’s Critical Minerals Strategy 2023-2030 and is at the forefront of the NSW Critical Minerals and High-Tech Metals Strategy to secure supply chains for Australia.


Our mining process will enable us to undertake continuous rehabilitation of the site. At the end of the life of the Project the landform will have a higher agricultural land capability than the current landform through the rehabilitation process.

No threatened or nationally significant fauna species have been recorded within the mine site while the only affected grass species will receive significant biodiversity offsets. These include conservation of the species on non-mining areas of the site where it is found, and a rehabilitation program developed with university assistance to ensure the species continues to thrive on the site.

We are committed to ensuring at least 30 per cent of the power to operate the Project is sourced from renewable sources.


The Project represents a rare opportunity for the region, driving investment, innovation, local employment, upskilling, road upgrades and active engagement with local Traditional Owners.

We are creating jobs today and into the future. Synergies Economic Consultants have undertaken an independent social impact assessment (SIA) which has determined that the Project will deliver substantial benefits to Wentworth, Far West Region and NSW more broadly, including:

 – Sustaining up to 480 direct full-time equivalent employment positions during construction and 240 positions during operations.
 – Creating an additional 754 indirect jobs during construction and 580 indirect jobs during operations in the Wentworth LGA.
 – Boosting spending in Wentworth by up to $97 million each year during the 17-year operational phase.


Since 2017, RZ Resources has been operating in the region and our community engagement programs have already delivered benefits to local communities.

An independent social impact assessment (SIA) determined the Project will result in substantial positive impacts in the wider community including increased employment, workforce and supplier expenditure, investment, and cohesion.

To date, RZ Resources has provided a total contribution to the local community of $140,000 including:

 – Participation in and sponsorship of the annual Wentworth Show since 2017, including a donation to help construct a new pavilion.
 – Financial contribution to help reconstruct the Junction Island pedestrian bridge.
 – Employees provided clean up assistance following the recent flooding event.

A variety of formal and informal methods of engagement have been employed, including face-to-face meetings, telephone, mail and email, public displays, and roundtable discussions. We are committed to continuous local engagement to understand how we can better become a valued member of the community. To aid this, our dedicated shop front in Wentworth will continue to encourage meaningful communication with community members and stakeholders for the life of the Project.