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Paul Smith
General Manager – Environment, Sustainability & Governance          +61 408 766 186

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Graeme O’Grady
Chief Marketing Officer                                                                                              +61 408 907 889

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What are your thoughts on RZ Resources?

We welcome your feedback.

We are well on the path to mining the critical minerals that will help provide for a more sustainable global future. At RZ Resources we’re committed to being a good neighbour and having transparent communications with everyone who might be affected by our project.

An important step on that journey is approval of our Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) which we need to operate. For the past couple of years, we’ve been talking to the local community to understand and address all the environmental and community impacts our project might have. We’ll soon be at the stage where the EIS will be open for public comment.

If you would like to share any feedback, ask any questions, or be notified when our EIS is available, please fill out the form before and we’ll be in touch.

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