RZ Resources: Unearthing Elemental Discovery, April 2023

RZ Resources: Unearthing Elemental Discovery, April 2023

RZ Resources is excited to feature in APAC Outlook Magazine’s April edition.

Chief Operating Officer John Costigan discussed the company’s ambitious plans to continue building RZ Resources into a globally significant, critical minerals miner and producer — as well as the lessons learned on the road to becoming a business with world-class ESG performance.

RZ Resources understands that the path to world-class ESG performance is paved with challenges and opportunities, particularly for a young and emerging company.

“Recently the NSW mining regulator made 22 specific allegations of environmental non-conformance which RZ accepted in an enforceable undertaking.

“To understand what could be done to prevent any possible future reoccurrence, we commissioned an independent auditor to uncover the root causes of the problem.

“The two key findings were: ineffective governance and oversight of compliance, resulting in non-compliance with legal obligations and persistence of onsite issues; and insufficient due diligence and inadequate systems to manage exploration practices and stakeholder engagement, which meant we didn’t have sufficient evidence to prove we had met our obligations.

“The company took immediate corrective actions to address the offences and is now building in preventive systems and governance,” said Costigan.

Founder and Managing Director David Fraser, sets the tone for the company. He believes: “RZ has learned a powerful lesson that the company will be judged by its failures unless we learn from the insights gained to drive the changes needed to build a better approach to ESG.”

“I am just so impressed that the company learns from its mistakes. Today we’re proactively undertaking a gap analysis between world-best practices, our stakeholders’ expectations and our performance so we can prioritise a change programme to keep improving our ESG performance. One day I believe we will have world-leading best practices in ESG and sustainable development,” Costigan says.

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RZ Resources would like acknowledge and thank APAC Outlook Magazine for the opportunity to feature in the April 2023 edition.

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